The creators of the PSL Page Builder family of VDP solutions have certainly been called passionate in their work. But they also have another form of passion, that being a 38 foot floating office named, Passion, the company's floating world HQ. While Tom has been conducting business from Passion for years and many prospects, clients and business partners have visited, we feel it's time to make the matter much more public.  We can do business for a few hours then go out and "play" with the dolphins or whales."


"Who wouldn't want to get out of the office and enjoy the pleasures of Newport Harbor and the Pacific."' Tom Crooks goes on to add, "Passion provides more than just entertainment options for prospects. Engaging with prospects and clients on a boat opens communications. People are more relaxed and don't feel as if they're on the clock. Simply put, its great for business for both buyer and seller."

"That being said, it's also great to be able to take prospects and clients out on the Pacific. It's an experience that can really build relationships. It opens their eyes to new horizons. Plus we almost always get to 'play' with the dolphins."


As many existing customers already know, Tom loves to have business folks aboard. Any and all PSL Page Builder users or potential users are invited to call Tom and schedule a floating consultation whenever they might be in Southern California. Folks have been know to spend a night on board. "Passion" sleeps four comfortably and six if they really like each other.

Consider yourself invited to JetLetter's Passion.