Variable Data Printing - Without Compromise!

Software for Variable Data Document Production

PSL Page Builder!


Merge speeds as high as 20,000 records per minute
Very quick drag and Drop setups


Based on a very comprehensive VDP programming language, accessable by all users, there is no job too difficult.  “Easy” jobs can be set up and run entirely in the Page Builder GUI, more difficult jobs can make use of the programming language.


Page Builder Starts at $5,995 for the version suitable for most everyday VDP work like postcards and ask letters.  The Page Builder Pro version at $12,500 competes very favorably with VDP systems costing $100,000. 

Easy to Learn and Use

Users can be productive the very first day.  While on-site training is available, videos and webinars usually suffice

Scalable and Flexible

PSL does the easy jobs very quickly and no job is too difficult. The more interesting projects make the most money!

The Page Builder products serve these market areas and typical uses.

PSL Page Builder

Personalized Marketing

Ask Letters


PSL Page Builder Pro

Transactional Transpromotional

Transpromo Pieces
Insurance Documents
Benefits Statements
Utility/Tax Bills
Collection Letters


PSL On Line

Web To Print

Bill Presentment & Payment
Account Histories
Medical Billing
Insurance Documents
Proofs for Approval
Order/Re-Order Jobs


 See a brief tutorial if you are new to Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Watch Our Video and learn about the benefits of Page Builder and Variable Data Printing

When I was first introduced to PSL...

We searched for a solution that would be easy to produce cards and letters with drag/drop/create simplicity and be able to merge with the speed of machine language. I am happy to say that we found that solution in the PSL "Page Wizard." We are now able to set n-up cards and letters in minutes not unlike our other products but where the Page Wizard eclipses the competition is in its composition engine. It literally zips through a duplex file of 20,000 records in a couple of minutes…that’s 40,000 pages in a couple of minutes. To this DP manager this was heretofore unheard of unless done from scratch in a programming language. Another caveat to the Page Wizard is if there is anything special in the project the PSL team have employed the "PEEK AND TWEAK" methodology where you need only to peek behind the GUI interface and tweak the generated PSL code to make it do anything and everything you need it to do, and I do mean anything! We have a programmer on staff who has used the language over the past few months to produce incredible output in a variety of formats enabling us to bid on and win government contracts requiring fast turnarounds of hundreds of thousands of records; accomplished in minutes not days.


In summary this program can build pages quickly within a GUI, manipulate data with coding if necessary, composes with a blinding 20k/minute engine, and is supported by an exemplary tech support staff. And finally if there is an improvement you think would help the user community, THEY LISTEN, and it just may be included in their next update which doesn’t take several months and an act of congress to produce. To summarize the summary… Great product and even greater support!

Jerome Morgan
Automated Mail Service
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We have been using Jet Letter LLC's PSL Programming Language for years and recently started using PSL PageBuilder Pro.

We were one of the original users of the programming language PSL. The drag and drop GUI, PSL PageBuilder is based on this very robust programming language and that brings a lot to the table.

PSL PageBuilder will give the main players in the vdp drag & drop market a real run for their money. It's easy to learn and use, does all the things you would want a drag & drop product to do and at the same time, because of its programming language lineage, can still get the more difficult jobs done. Processing speed is very, very quick.

I would buy stock in Jet Letter LLC, if they sold it.

Bill Fryer
Small Business Data Processing Corp.
Established 1971

Would you find it hard to believe if I told you I actually look forward to doing these setups using the wizard now? I don’t think Ive ever looked forward to doing anything in this business accept punching out! (not that I punch in but you get my drift)

Thanks for providing the tools to help us impress the hell out of our clients with an even faster turnaround than we had before. This will significantly improve our workflow and ability to train new programmers. We really love the new drag and drop page layout wizard. We also love it when a client says "Wow, that was fast! The last vendor took 2 days to get us a proof like this!"

Bob Ghika
Royco Mailing Services, Inc.
Melrose, MA

PSL JetLetter does everything they say. We are a small mail shop and PSL has helped expand our business over 25% in the six months we have been using it. We use it for water bills and appraisals and plan to expand using the same PSL programs. Support is great, anytime we need it.  Love the product.

Ben deCook
Tropical Mailing
Fort Lauderdale, FL

"PSL has dramatically increased our capabilities, especially in the color digital laser printing service we provide to our customers.    Our business has nearly doubled in the last year with the addition of a color laser printer and PSL.    The software also includes many built-in functions that are specifically geared to the direct mail industry, plus it gives you the ability to create user-defined functions.     Working with PSL has made me a more efficient programmer, and I have yet to come across a program too complex for PSL to handle.     In my opinion, PSL runs circles around the competition."

Jeffrey Heath
Data Processing Programmer
S & L Mailing and Graphics

PSL is my favorite program to work with. It has so much flexibility and power and there isn't a job I have found that I can't do. Customer service and support is usually not the best when it comes to many software companies but not when it comes to PSL. PSL understands that production is of prime importance and if you have a problem of any kind getting it fixed and working quickly is what's most important. I almost alway get someone live on the phone and worst case I talk to someone within an hour or two. I would recommend PSL to anyone who needs a high production program or anyone who needs to produce very difficult jobs.

Jim Miller
Densen Group Inc.
Santa Ana, CA

I have been in the Print business for many years and have outsourced my laser print jobs to others. I have recently begun using JetLetter’s PSL and have found it to be "the coolest product I have ever used".

I have dramatically expanded my business as a result and I can also do those jobs in house.

I like the fact that I have complete control over the print output. No guessing as to what the results will look like. I can be creative and use scripts from other jobs. I never have to reinvent the wheel again. Thanks JetLetter. I am just upset that I haven’t used this product earlier.
Rob Sloan
KC Bindery
Bonner Springs, KS



Price Matters

PageBuilder is very affordable, starting at $5,995. This is affordable when compared to non-competitive offerings of $75,000.

Multiple seat discounts are also available